Professional Recommendations

"I have known Trish for many years and I have and will continue to recommend Trish for clients in need of a Mediator and/or Collaborative Attorney. She has a keen understanding of people and issues, is highly detail oriented and is knowledgeable about the law, as well as the other aspects of what is important in any family law matter."
- Joel (Jake) Rubin, Attorney 

"I highly recommend Trish as both an attorney and a mediator. She can settle a case even with high emotion and ones I never thought would settle."
- Charlotte Creaghan, Attorney 

"Trish Nugent is a highly competent and experienced mediator and collaborative practitioner. She is intelligent, honest, intuitive, conscientious and sensitive. She has a finely tuned sense of humor, and is a pleasure to deal with. I am very pleased to recommend her as a top dispute resolution expert who is at the top of her game."
- James R. Benoit, Attorney 

"I have worked on a number of mediation and Collaborative family law cases with Trish in the last several years and have witnessed her ability to notice the unspoken (and therefore unaddressed) emotions and content in conversations and bring them to the fore in a modest and adept way. I have great confidence in her skills as both a mediator and a collaborative attorney."
- Jude Sterling, CDFA, CPA 

"Trish is a compassionate attorney-mediator, who is very experienced in collaborative practice. I have known her for over five years. I have found her to be highly effective and recommend her without hesitation for family law matters."
- William P. Matz, Tax and Real Estate Attorney 

"I have a lot of respect for Trish as a Mediator and Collaborative Attorney. I have known her for several years and have worked with her as a fellow board member of CCRE. I have found her to be intelligent and very knowledgeable in the Collaborative and Mediation processes. She listens well; when she speaks her words are on point, pertinent, and make a contribution to the discussion. She is calm and patient, and this is very helpful in tense situations. I feel confident in highly recommending her for family law matters."
- Thomas Coombes, Attorney 

"Trish is a very friendly and easy-going person who is a pleasure to be with, while at the same time she is very thoughtful and careful in the way that she approaches her work. This is an excellent combination in any field, but is especially effective in a Collaborative Divorce professional. I am happy to have Trish as a colleague, and to recommend her to potential clients."
- Peter Sandmann, Attorney, Tesler, Sandmann & Fishman 

"I have known Trish Nugent for over ten years as part of the Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire, working on committees and cases together. I have found her to be an excellent and compassionate professional. I recommend her without reservation."
- Moss Henry, MFT 

"Trish is a great communicator. She works as a Family Law Attorney, Minor's Counsel, and Mediator. Her style is entirely based upon the positive and making the best of a difficult situation. While she realizes that each client is going though a painful or difficult situation, her calm demeanor helps to soothe the wounds. I highly recommend her."
- David Hamilton, Attorney 

"Trish is a friend and collaborative colleague. I trust her completely because she is a woman who has personal and professional integrity, honesty and a willingness to do her best at whatever she sets out to accomplish. I refer to Trish because I know she will provide good advice and follow up to the client which ultimately enhances and maintains my professional trust in the community."
- Cathy D. Nelson, LMFT

"It is with great delight that I have been asked to write a reference for Trish Nugent. I have known Trish for a number of years. Our sons attended elementary school together for several years. Later, I heard about her by way of her professional reputation. She worked with a close friend who was going through a divorce. Trish managed two strong willed personalities with a neutral, process oriented presence. She is non judgmental, knowledgeable and has the ability to settle disputes peacefully. I highly recommend Trish Nugent to get the job done!"
- Rachel Hawk, MS, CRC, D/ABVE 

"Trish is a skilled, highly experienced mediator and fellow collaborative attorney. From my work with her I know her to be generous spirited and sincere, with a directness and ability to get to the essence of the issues at hand, no matter how complex."
- Martie Leys, Attorney and Mediator