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Trish Nugent has practiced law in Santa Rosa for 30 years. She has emphasized alternatives to court resolution of divorces since 1983. These include Mediation, Collaborative Law and Private Judging.

Trish Nugent's office is located in the Collaborative Practice Center in downtown Santa Rosa. This center houses the practices of several highly experienced and trained Mediation and Collaborative Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals and Financial Professionals. It is a convenient and settlement-oriented location designed to help your family through a period of transition with maximum respect, resolution and healing. It is truly a place for "Resolving Disputes Respectfully". Contact Trish Nugent at the Collaborative Practice Center.
What is Family Law Mediation?
Family Law Mediation is a process by which people resolve their family disputes with the help of a neutral Attorney experienced in mediation work who can help them reach a settlement of all the legal issues of a family law matter.

Trish Nugent's role as a Mediator is to facilitate your discussions, give information to make sure all legal bases are covered and brainstorm solutions. You make all the decisions. Trish Nugent has been through this with hundreds of couples, and has a lot of ideas on how to carry out what you are working towards. You can meet as a couple or you can attend with your Attorney. Find out more about Family Law Mediation.
What is Collaborative Family Law?
Collaborative Family Law is an approach to settlement of your family law matter in which you and your spouse or partner each have your own Attorney and Communications Coach whose express goal is to help you settle your family law matter out of court.

The entire team is committed to helping you settle your case without court or the threat of going to court.

In addition, the team may include other neutral professionals such as a Certified Divorce Financial Planner, Child Specialist, Real Estate or Vocation Expert. All of these team members are highly trained in the Collaborative Process. Find out more about Collaborative Family Law.
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What Are Private Judging & Settlement Conferences?
Private Judging and Settlement Conferences in family law cases are alternatives to the Superior Court process and better meet the needs of parties in some cases. In Private Judging the parties select Trish Nugent to make decisions regarding all or some of the issues in their case. The decision made by the Private Judge has the same force and weight as that of a Superior Court Judge. The parties may also select her to conduct a Private Settlement Conference with both parties and Attorneys present. A Settlement Conference is similar to a mediation process with Attorneys present. Find out more about Private Judging and Settlement Conferences.
Divorce Mediation and
Collaborative Family Law
aim to balance the needs of
both of you for the
future well-being
of you and your family.
What Is a Special Master?
A Special Master in a family law case is appointed by the Judge to make decision in the area of child custody when the parents request such an appointment. A Special Master works with cases which have complex custody and communications issues to try to better serve the family than the Court system is able to do by providing quick and efficient access to decision making on issues of custody such as schooling, health care, exchanges, communication, holiday and vacation schedules, and counseling. The Special Master is empowered by the Court to make decisions regarding most issues that arise regarding children except for changing the basic custody schedule designated by the Court. Find out more about Special Masters.
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